Close-up magician :

Close-up magician :

With natural humor, Herve Listeur moves from table to table or group to group, bringing with him a real sense of magic, during this moment of sharing and conviviality.

These are amazing feats of magicien close-up Lyon and require great skills because everything happens barely 5 inches from your eyes! Usual objects or newspapers can reveal many surprises for your guests, making this meal an extraordinary moment.

Close-up magic fits in perfectly to all your corporate and private events.

Magician close up with parrots

The beauty of these birds is already an attraction itself.The magician, Hervé Listeur, starts with Lorito, a very colorfulparrot.

A person picked out in the audience is invited to chose a playing card and to sign it. After shuffling the pack, the parrot will find the card.

After a few tricks, Cooky will magically appear and land on the magician’s shoulder, all this taking place just centimeters away from the guests. The parrot will then perform balancing and vocal acts.

The mentalism

Mental magic or mentalism is a specialty of becoming known to the public. A major TV show has now even used it as its name: The Mentalist.

Your guests will experience unique experiences and will witness reading thoughts with books, maps, objects … as well paranormal experiences.

A blending of bizarre magic, telepathy, spiritualism, transmission of thoughts and beliefs. These experiments will even move the more skeptical minds… Is this an illusion? Is this real? … supernatural power, a persuasive suggestion or simply some special kind of magic…

Cheater Magician

Herve Listeur is the magician of the famous TV show « Fort Boyard » aired on France 2.
Who does not know this famous « Three Card Monte « game where with three cards, two black, one red, one must find the red card ?

Have fun, bet fake money but win real prizes. Are you smart enough to beat the magician ? Be charmed by the surprising manipulation Fort Boyard Monte, classic Monte or the lesser known with walnut shells…


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