Broadcasting Wimbledon

Of all the tennis Grand Slam tournaments, the Wimbledon Championship is the only one whose spectators have never decreased in number despite war interruptions and temporary controversies throughout its history. Since 1937, international fans unable to attend in person have been able to join in eager support of their favorite tennis players at Wimbledon by way of television and/or radio broadcasts.

The Wimbledon Championships were televised for the first time in 1937, on BBC in the United Kingdom. BBC has broadcast the event every year that it has occurred since then, splitting coverage between BBC One and BBC Two and distributing the feed to media outlets all over the world for 스포츠중계 in other nations as well. According to a government-issued mandate highlights of the majority of the tournament’s events must be provided by stations throughout the championship, and the finals rounds must be broadcast live in their entirety.


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