Virtual Tour Photography Explaineda  

Virtual Tour Photography Explaineda  

Virtual tours are simulations of a location using still images. Virtual Tours Houston, TX are becoming increasingly popular using a 360 Degree photographic virtual tour photography for commercial business to showcase their businesses on the   virtual tours    internet.

Virtual Tours Houston, TX is increasing in demand from realtors and brokers needing a 360 degree real estate tour of their products and properties, although the demand is not limited to realtors only, and many conference facilities, hotels and establishments are making use of this advanced technology to market their venues.

The process of stitching is used in making still photographic tours in three methods. Providing either a 360 cylindrical image focused around the horizon line by stitching a series of still photographs that are usually taken in portrait position together to make single rectangular picture, a full spherical 360 X 360 floor to ceiling view of any scene using a fish eye lens to take four pictures with just 4 shots, or stitching the photographs together and converting the panoramas into a “cube” like box to achieve a complete 360 X 360 view.

All of these options require a number of photographs taken to be stitched together using specialized software to create one image. Photographic tours are static and allow the viewer to control the view while scanning through the tour.

A virtual tour is a full motion tour as if you are walking through a location, unlike a tour’s static wrap-around feel and use to pan and walk-through subject properties. Although it eliminates viewer control as the subject matter is a photo provide a wider tour of the entire property as the camera is not restricted to one position.

Virtual tours Houston, TX are also used extensively for universities which allow a user to view an environment whilst on-line creating a new learning environment for students. It can be accessible from everywhere via a web-based tour, this technology is providing incomparable exposure for businesses.

The use of tours offer a number of options including simple options such as interactive floor plans showing photographs of a property with the aid of a floor plan and arrows to indicate where each photograph was taken, and more sophisticated options such as full-service virtual tours which features several photos stitched together. Full service tours are generally more expensive than interactive floor plans because of the expense of the photographer, the higher-end equipment and the specialized software needed.


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