Having a User-Friendly Landing Page for QR Codes

Having a User-Friendly Landing Page for QR Codes


Your landing page on your website is critical to the success of your business. With technology at its current   Vegetation Removal Melbourne    height of sophistication, considering QR codes in the design is critical to you.

The purpose of your landing page

The purpose of your landing page is to attract people and get your visitors to eventually be converted to people who will buy from you. With that in mind, it is important to understand that if not you don’t relate appropriately to your visitors, you may very well end up not being able to convert those visitors into leads at any point. Once a person lands on your landing page, he or she is no longer considered “cold.” Once this happens, you are both on your way to establishing a relationship together. As far as your business is concerned, you are able to prequalify them at this point and you can rightly assume that they possess some interest (although you don’t yet know how much) in what you are offering and what you represent.

The design quality of your landing page

It is critical that you understand that your landing page must be of the highest quality possible. Whether you choose to design the page (and your entire website) yourself or you choose to hire a professional designer to design it, the result has to be the same. There are certain elements that you need people to experience when they arrive at your landing page and that is why it is so important for you to make sure that you landing page contains everything that you need to have in there. Your website and landing page need to “speak” to your visitors in a way that they will never forget.

Each landing page is unique

There are several possible places from where your visitors can possibly arrive. All that is important is that they did arrive on your landing page as opposed to someone else’s. The visitors could possibly have clicked on a link in an Email that they received or a link in an advertisement. Another possible (and extremely popular) source is a QR code. You see them all over the place nowadays. The visitors who come to your landing page by way of a QR code are unique. If they arrived in this manner, they got to you through their mobile device. This should give you some sense of the landing page design that you should consider using.

The call-to-action is essential

One of your primary purposes when it comes to your landing page is that you want your visitors to do something that will result in some sort of interaction with you. Your call to action should be short and sweet and the language that you use should be very clear. The last thing that you need to do is to lose your visitors before you have even had a chance to interact with them and work your magic on converting them to clients eventually. You need to give them some sort of incentive right away. The incentive can be in a possibility of many different forms. You can offer them some sort of discount to whatever you are selling or you can offer them valuable, educational information in the form of a newsletter (which you will want to encourage them to sign up for so that they can receive it regularly) or a white paper (from which they can learn a great deal). It is up to you to offer them what you feel would be the most appropriate. Make sure that when you ask them to do something in your call-to-action, you make it clear what they will get and what you want from them. Sneakiness won’t work and nobody will appreciate it. You really need them to opt in because their data is extremely important to them.

Your content

Once your visitors have visited your landing page and have decided to stick around for a little while, you have a responsibility to make it worthwhile. You should be able to lure them with the quality of your content. Your content should be well-written, exciting, informative and, most importantly, it should communicate clearly exactly how you are going to be able to solve their problem(s). If you can’t do that, your visitors won’t stick around long enough for anything at all. As far as making your content exciting and fulfilling is concerned, there are several types of content that you can share on your landing page. Your landing page can contain testimonials, videos and some still photographs of what you can do for them (by providing amazing products and/or services).


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