We Care In Alzheimer’s Home Care  

We Care In Alzheimer’s Home Care  

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. It worsens over time. It is a difficult situation to have Alzheimer’s disease; it even worse experience for patient’s family to cope with the disease. Monitoring the daily activities such as eating, talking, and sleeping can be hard. To ease the burden, family members opt for Alzheimer’s home care.   Hospice Home Care Agency     When searching for the best home care, long-term needs must be considered. Another factor is the level of care, the location and budget.

Alzheimer’s home care usually provides physical therapy. In this establishment, extra care and medical attention can be given to the patient. Safety is the number one priority in home care and will be able to administer proper medication. They teaches the patient new ways to communicate with their love ones because as the disease progresses, they might forget how to communicate with others. There are different types which are dependent on the services being offered. First is the assisted living. It is the common choice for the residential area. They mainly offered personal care and supportive care like housekeeping and transportation. Second is skilled care or nursing homes. It is less popular because the assistants are not merely professionals. Third is hospice care. This is nursing home for the final stage Alzheimer’s. Skilled care is necessary for this type of attention. Last is continuing care retirement communities (CCRC). It is like a campus which provides all levels of assistance ranging from independent to skilled care assistance.

Home care is always a first choice though it is also a reality that Alzheimer’s condition still needs the external environment such as companion and friends, nursing attendant or caregiver. This type of attention provides our loved ones the familiar surroundings. In this case, confusion can be avoided. It is generally cheaper than any other agencies, most especially if care-giving is done by the family members. On the other hand, Alzheimer’s home care service provides a big help to the patient. It also prevents families to burn-out. Family members must ensure that they visit the patient regularly. Above all, love and support is the best medicine in any kind of sickness.


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