Do You Suffer in the Work Force Because of Adult Acne

Adult acne is really quite common and affects about 25% of all male adults and 50% of all female adults. The spot occurs at some time in their adult lives. Those who suffer from 성인용품 acne also have acne, not just on their face, but also on the other parts of their body, such as the neck and the back. Acne can actually develop from adolescence to age 20’s to even 50s. In the past decades, this acne has become more common compared to the past. In fact, the International Journal of Cosmetic Science reported that recent studies on acne have shown that there is dramatic increase in the number of cases of acne in adults. At the same time, the Journal reported that adults over the age of forty now require treatment for their acne.

Problems Caused by Adult Acne

Now, adult acne, the same as teenage acne, can be a source of embarrassment and can cause anxiety and depression even for adults. More than that, it can be a serious problem to those who are in a profession where looking good at all times is part of the job. And although we may refuse to believe it, pimples may actually get in the way of one’s promotion.

For those who have been laid off because of the financial crisis and are searching for jobs, pimples can actually create negative impressions on interviews. No matter how good heart ed and objective the interviewer is, it would be impossible for him not to notice your pimples. Now we all know how important first impression is on job interviews.

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