Character Counts For Highly Effective People

You have treasured dreams and goals for your life. You want to break bad habits and learn to live more abundantly. You feel the desire to make positive changes and are looking for some guidance to steer you in the right direction. 글자수세기 when it comes to changing your life. Here are some habits you can cultivate to help you become a better person.

Habit One: Become an Effective Goal-Setter

People who are successful, both in their careers and relationships, fine-tune their abilities to set and accomplish goals. Brainstorm goals that you have for your life. What do you want for your career, your finances, your romantic life, your friendships and your physical and mental health? Write down your goals in a journal or type them in a document. You could even start a blog to chart your goals and gain momentum and motivation.

Here are some tips for creating your goals:

1. Keep things factual, clear and precise. Avoid making your goals too complicated or vague.
2. Choose goals that are measurable. Specify quantity, time frame or time allotted per day to work on goals. Example: Overall Goal: Improve Cardiovascular Endurance; Measurable Weekly Goal: Invest 45 minutes three times a week in doing cardiovascular exercise (swimming, hiking, bicycling).
3. Make your goals achievable and attainable. Ensure that it is physically and emotionally possible to achieve your goal.
4. Stay realistic and relevant. Make each goal meaningful to your life and your vision for yourself.
5. Set a time limit. Think about whether you would like to accomplish your goal in one month, three months, six months or one year.


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