Who Doesn’t Love Fantasy Football?

Like a nationwide obsession, Fantasy Football has become a multi-million dollar industry with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people doing it all over the world. It is an extremely easy thing to do and you can do it free from many websites such as espn.com and foxsports.com among many and many others. It’s as easy as going to a sports website and signing up for a Fantasy Football Draft. People also do it with a group of their friends and family, or just simply associates and co-workers. By doing it online you normally don’t win money, but when its done with a group of people, they usually put in a certain amount of money and the winner gets all of the money, by using their laptops, or even nowadays, their cell phones.

The points system, which Fantasy Football can be read on any Sports Website, consist of touchdown, runs, and passes, which score the most points; you also score points on 25 + yard rushes or 25+ yard receptions and sacks, interceptions, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, and even field goals and how long they are made from. The points system isn’t set in stone, it just depends on which website you play fantasy football through.

The amount of people who play fantasy football worldwide is unknown because it is so many; some say around 50 million people play Fantasy Football. You can play Fantasy Sports of any category from football to NASCAR; it’s a huge industry that’s really just getting its foot in the water. They now have specific shows on many different television stations that provide you with information on who to play and who to sit each week. You can also trade and pick up players that weren’t drafted during the season. For example, say the quarterback someone drafted in the first round gets injured the first week of the year and is out for year, then you can go with your second string quarterback or you can try to trade one of your key players to pick up another starting quarterback just depending on how you went about drafting your team you might have a backup quarterback who is a starter and having a good year. That theory works for any positional player from running backs to safeties. สุดยอดคาสิโน

When drafting a team through a website they usually have the players rated on how many points they will score you through the year based on how many points they scored the previous year or through their experts predictions on how many points they will score you. This doesn’t mean if Adrian Peterson, for example, is the number one player to be drafted that you necessarily draft him. For the most part you want to draft a running back or quarterback first simply because they will score you the most points. A kicker is usually the last player chosen, obviously, because they will score you the least amount of points. Fantasy Football is one of the largest growing industries on the Internet due to the weekly changes and the challenge of trying to beat people who think they know more about football then you!


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