Football Drills – Challenging Drills for Beginning Players

Finding effective football drills for beginning players can be difficult – the drills should be fun enough that the kids will still enjoy football, but they should be challenging so that the kids will learn and improve in the sport. These drills for beginners are designed with the right balance to keep players loving the game and getting better with every practice.

Find the Receiver Drill

This football drill helps the quarterback learn to spot the open receiver down the field. It also reinforces the importance of accurately throwing the ball.

For this drill, have the quarterback set up at the goal line with the coach behind him. Position several receivers spread across the field, facing the quarterback. As the quarterback receives the snap, the coach will point to one of the receivers. This receiver should acknowledge that he has been pointed to by raising his hand and keeping it in the air.

After receiving the snap, the quarterback should take a seven step drop while scanning the field looking for the receiver with the raised hand. Once he spots him, the quarterback will throw an accurate pass to the designated receiver, who should catch the ball.

To add an extra challenge to the drill, have the quarterback find the receiver in only a five or three step drop. The faster the quarterback can locate the open receiver, the faster the ball will get down the field, and the less vulnerable the quarterback will be to tackles. โหลดบาคาร่าออนไลน์

Knock Out Drill

This drill for football helps receivers and running backs learn how to hold on to the ball while running through the defensive line.

Start by positioning two lines of players one yard apart, facing each other. Have the receiver or running back take the handoff and then run through the tunnel of players. The athletes forming the tunnel should try to strip the ball from the receiver. The receiver should use proper ball handling technique to keep the ball from being knocked out of his arms.

Open Field Tackling Drill

This drill is great for both offense and defense because it teaches tackling skills and how to avoid the tackle.

Mark a ten-yard box on the field and position an offensive player on one side of the box and a defensive player on the other side. The offensive player, or runner, attempts to make it through the other side of the box without being tackled. The defender will try to tackle the runner before he can cross the boundary line.

Both players should use proper technique at all times. When first running the drill, have the runner stop once the defender makes contact with him. As the players improve, allow the runner to keep on going to force the defender to complete the tackle.


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